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North Caucasian State Academy

The North Caucasian State Academy (NCSA) is a leading centre of medical education in North Russia. Established in 1991, the academy has been providing high-quality education and training to aspiring medical professionals from around the world.

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About the Program and efforts made by the University

Students of the Academy  are encouraged to participate in different research projects showing their results at annual conferences and often winning prizes in all-Russian or international forums.

The Institute has  well-equipped laboratories of  anatomy, pathological anatomy, biology with basics of ecology, microbiology, normal and pathological physiology, hygiene with the fundamentals of ecology. Laboratories of histology, operative surgery and topographic anatomy , pharmacology as well as animal facility en launched. There are two computer classes for 20 students each and a multimedia room. There is a library with 2669 volumes of literature as well as an electronic library with an access to 4,500 electronic books . Classes in well-equipped classrooms within the new building of the Medical Institute. Classes on clinical disciplines for medical students are held at the training bases of the  leading clinics of  our republic

Lecture-rooms, laboratories and libraries do not limit the student’s life.  Academy  has  students' hostels, a sports complex with a swimming pool, gyms. There is a sports camp on the Black Sea coast of the North Caucasus, where our teachers and students have a rest every year. Students have an opportunity to take an active part in national festivals, parties.

The course of study in the Medical Institute is 6 years. During  first two years students master the humanitarian and medico biological subjects. From the third course students begin to study clinical disciplines, such as Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases and General Surgery. Senior students study Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology, Traumatology, Dermatovenerology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Clinical Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Physiotherapy. Every academic year, students of the General Medicine Faculty have Medical Practice.


The Medical Institute of the North Caucasian State Academy was established in 2004 with the purpose of educating Medical Doctors.

The Medical Institute has  seven Doctors of Medical Sciences, 22 Candidates of Medical Sciences, 20 Assistant Professors, two Senior Instructors who teach and conduct researches.

Our graduates work in different places of our country and abroad, they are the trademark of the Institute. Many of them head scientific research institutes, laboratories, faculties and higher school chairs.

The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization (WHO) which enables our graduates to hold a job in any country of the world after taking national examinations and MCI  India. 

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Student life & Extra Curriculars 

Students' life is not limited to lectures, practical classes, tests and exams. Studying in the Medical Institute  students can continue and develop their hobbies by: singing, performing arts, choreography, folk, participating  in the volunteer movement, carrying out the research work. To keep themselves in a good physical form, they may go in for sports to one of the sections, and of course, they may demonstrate their leadership in the implementation of projects of the Academy's Union.

Annually within summer vacations, our students have a rest in a sport camp at the Black Sea coast. The University has a sport complex with 25-meters' swimming pool, two sport halls, three gyms, and an outdoor basketball court.

One of the main components of health of the young people is their nutrition. For this purpose, canteens and refreshment rooms are opened in the educational buildings and students' hostels.

In addition to the basic scholarship, the University Council scholarship, Rector’s scholarship, Students Scientific Society scholarship were established. The social grants for the orphans, for the disabled groups I and II, for the poor and other socially disadvantaged students are also established.

Why Should Indian Students Choose NCSA for their MBBS?

Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Affordable Education:

The academy offers a complete MBBS program with fees under 

25 lakhs, ensuring accessibility to quality medical education 

without breaking the bank.

2. NMC Compliant Curriculum:

The academy's curriculum is in full compliance with the National

Medical Commission (NMC) standards, ensuring that students 

receive education that aligns with the latest medical advancements 

and global practices.

3. International Accreditations:

Boasting accreditations from prestigious bodies such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the academy meets stringent global standards, providing students with a recognized and respected qualification.

4. World-Class Infrastructure:

The academy prides itself on its world-class infrastructure, featuring cutting-edge laboratories, modern classrooms, and advanced research facilities. The state-of-the-art infrastructure contributes to a conducive learning environment, fostering academic and personal growth.

5. Global Exposure:

Students at North Caucasian State Academy benefit from international exposure, contributing to a holistic learning experience. The diverse and multicultural environment prepares them for a globalized healthcare landscape, enhancing their adaptability and communication skills.

6. Holistic Development:

The academy places a strong emphasis on holistic development, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also develop essential skills and values required in the medical profession. Practical training and research opportunities further enhance their overall competency.

In choosing North Caucasian State Academy for your MBBS, you're not just investing in an education; you're investing in a future where affordability, quality, and global recognition converge for a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

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Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in North Caucasian State Academy, Faculty of Medicine

  • North Caucasian State Academy offers a recognized program.
  • Students must complete their SSC and HSC i.e. 10+2 from a recognized state board.
  • HSC should be completed in Science subjects including – biology, physics, and chemistry.
  • The applicant should complete their age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must have a score of at least 50% in their HSC boards from a recognized board of examination.
  • Applicant must clear NEET examination.

Documents Required:

    • 10th Marksheet
    • 12th Marksheet
    • Neet Scorecard
    • Passport 
    • Passport Size Photo
    • HIV Test Certificate (As required by the embassy )

    Admission Process

  1. Submit the Application form along with the required documents.
  2. Pay Fees and get a confirmation letter.
  3. Submit Passport, get Visa/Invitation Letter.
  4. Get Visa and fly.
  5. Join your classes.
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